Room # 214 Tahrir Main Campus Oct 26, 2016 Workshop
Workshop 10:30 - 19:30

A collaborative poetry writing project, using paper. What project? - The project consists of joining two sheets of paper, that are different in nature. Both are local to Egypt, yet one is papyrus paper and the other is handmade pulp- based paper. The challenge is to connect both sheets using kirigami. The papyrus paper will contain one arabic letter of your choice, whereas the pulp based sheet will contain a japanese letter. How would one connect a papyrus sheet using an arabic letter cut, with a japanese form written on the pulp based handmade paper? - The number of cuts will be decided by yourself and the amount of time you would like to spend working on this project. - All of the posters will fit together to make one big mural. Big depends on how many people will participate, and on how large the scale you would like to be working on is. - Each poster will be designed by one single collaborator. The design will be based on a personal assessment of the shape of the written letter, its extensions, and in the way it connects to the other letter printed on different paper. Legibility in this exercise is irrelevant. Both will finally be seen as one unified shape.



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