Room # 215 Tahrir Main Campus Oct 26, 2016 Workshop
Workshop 10:30 - 19:30

ALW is a series of workshops about Arabic lettering. The 5th episode of this workshops’s theme is 3d letters. Participants will design an Arabic letter in 2d taking into account the form of the raised surface. They will then carve and model their letters using synthetic modelling clay, to become their own 3d Arabic letterform, after fixing the shape, drying and polishing the surface. In this process, the participants will learn about the main parameters that define the Arabic script and letterforms and play around with them to see the different results that can be generated. Participants are asked to bring different kinds of pen for writing/calligraphy and sketching. Other materials will be provided. The workshop material needed: 1. regular wood free papers for sketching 2. matt coated paper for the calligraphy 3. tracing paper 4. Synthetic modelling clay, one tablet per participant (and a few extra ones) 5. Carving and modeling knives

Al Mohtaraf
American University of Beirut


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